Connect Groups

Small groups have been a part of Wisdom Word Assembly for more than 40 years and have always been the foundation of our congregation.

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups provide a sense of belonging for each person who attends. If you would like to become a part of a Connect Group, we would love to connect you with one or tell you more about them so you can find which one is right for you.

Simply call 210-490-1600, and they will answer every question that you have.

Types of Connect Groups

Home Groups

Our Home Groups meet in homes all over the city and provide a place of fellowship, Bible study, and encouragement for each person who attends.

Life Groups

Life Groups are designed for people in certain life stages whether single, married, divorced, young adults, seniors or what ever stage you find yourself.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are comprised of individuals who share common interests like sports, outdoors, crafting, board games and more.

Find a Group

If you would like to become a part of a Connect Group, you can locate a group here.

Start a Group

If you are interested in starting a home, interest or activity group, contact us at 210-490-1600 to let us know how we can help! These Connect Groups have no limit to what can be included—from recreational activities, sports, the outdoors, weekend coffee, discovering local activities and events, and anything else you can imagine. If the group you are looking for does not currently exist, then you may be just the person we are looking for to help us start one. Let us know how we can help you connect today.

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